Benefits of SMS Marketing

When you start engaging SMS Marketing in your business, you will get the following benefits:

You can get more business from existing clients

SMS is the quickest way to inform your clients of promotions, sales, new products and services.

You can increase the customer loyalty of existing clients

Keep your existing clients informed, wish them on their birthday and name day and increase the chances to keep them as your clients.

Your messages get delivered to the recipients instantly

A few mins after launching your SMS campaign, your clients will see your message. Depending on what you are sending, a few mins later you will start to receive enquiries or make new sales.

Reliable delivery

No spam filters and email filters to fight. The text message is simply delivered to the mobile phone of your contact.

Text messages have a high open rate

Everyone opens their text message. It's...traditional. If you also make it personalized, then more of your recipients will pay more attention to your message.

Text messages have a high conversion rate

More people respond positively to text messages in comparison to emails.

Very easy to setup and use

In under 5 minutes you can start to send your first SMS campaign.

Low running cost, high ROI

SMS Marketing is one of the cheapest marketing and advertising channels that your company can use and it comes with a very high Return on Investment when used correctly.