Can SMS Marketing bring me more clients?

YES! SMS Marketing can bring you more customers.

Here is a method to go about and do it.

Anyone entering your store, shop, whether they buy something or not, find the way to quickly register their name and number (at the minimum) by means of a very short form to complete. You will need an incentive before people can give you this information. The incentive can be get €x off or x% off your next purchase by presenting this form or another good incentive you can think of.

This way, you will start to build your sms contacts database. And you can start to include them in your sms marketing strategy. The more sms contacts you have, the more business you will get, considering you implement a correct and professional sms marketing strategy.

Below are some examples of specific types of businesses and how they can use sms marketing to gain more business.

SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Capture your sms contacts in the moment. No industry can benefit more from SMS marketing than restaurants. Ways to capture sms contacts: offer a free food item, offer a one-off 50% discount on a full meal, offer a full meal very cheap. Do this to get more customers signing up and once on your sms database, you can start to get repeat customers when you market to them new food items, bring a friend and get a discount, when you wish them on their name day, etc.

SMS Marketing for Retail shops (clothes, shoes, sports)

Many ways here to increase sales. Examples: send a text message offer on slow days to increase the traffic to your store, send notifications about clearance items, notify your customers of new stock arrivals, wish your customers on their name day and give them a special discount.

Any business can benefit

Irrespective of the type of business that you have, SMS Marketing always has a place in your business model and strategy. Use it well and you will gain more customer loyalty and generate more income for your business.