Using personalization in Bulk SMS

What is SMS Personalization? 

It is the method by which you add personally identifiable pieces of information to a text message that is part of your bulk SMS campaign.

So, instead of simply sending a message like: "Dear clients, we would like to inform you that our summer sales start today!" you send a message like this: "<salutation>", we would like to inform you that our summer sales start today!". What happens with SMS Personalization is that the SMS Marketing Platform will replace the <salutation> with the actual salutation as you have recorded it in your contacts database. So, the first recipient will receive "Dear John, we would like..." the next one will receive "Dear Maria, we would like...", etc.

What can you expect when you personalize your SMS message? 

One word: "Higher Conversion". Ok, two words :-)

Don't you give more attention to anything that starts with your name? It's the same with text messages. In fact, studies have shown that using sms personalisation increases the chance for your message to be read by 66%. More people read your message, more people react to it.

How to use SMS personalisation in SMSlikethis SMS Marketing Platform

It is very simple to add personalisation to your messages using our SMS platform. You simply click the button Personalize and your messages start using the salutation when sending out your sms campaign.